Kräutertage am See

Dates for 2020:
29 of May until 1. of June 2020

Spend 4 days / 3 nights in our Hotel and get exited about our great number of herbs.

In our “meadows and path sides” presentations we inform you about wild herbs and their effects. We also offer joint herbal-hiking tours and you can learn how to use the herbs as balsam, salts or distillates. We also offer cooking courses and you can receive your own herbal-script featuring recipes and detailed application information!

Hildegard v. Bingen recommends “Gundermann” to fight lung – or throat diseases and reduce ear ringing. Folk medicine advises Gundermann Water for inflammation of the throat. Ulcerative injuries can be eased by Gundermann Leaves or Gundermann Tincture. During the thirty years war, the so-called “Soldatenpetersilie” was vital food for soldiers.